Oct 24, 2007

Addendum D: Extra Benefits

Besides eliminating inflammation symptoms, my anti-itis diet has resulted in:

No symptoms of cardio-vascular disease. About 33 years ago, at age 30, I had CVD. My symptoms were: pains in my chest and on the inside of my left arm when I exercised; high blood pressure; and a high level of cholesterol in my blood. I got rid of all those symptoms by going to a Pritikin-style diet, which is very low fat, mostly plant-based diet, but -- I now know -- a diet still much too high in acid-producing foods for me, though it is a vast improvement over the Standard American Diet of high-fat, high-protein, low-fiber, heavily processed foods. My current diet, of course, is very low fat (8%-10%), as well as low protein.

No cancer, osteoporosis, or kidney problems.

Lower blood pressure. At age 30, 33 years ago, my BP was typically around 145/95. Now typically it ranges from 135/85 (in the morning, when I am "pumped up" -- or anytime at a dentist's office!) down to 110/65 (in the evening, when I am becoming more and more horizontal).

Leanness. My BMI (body mass index) is about 18.5 (around 6 ft. tall, 135 pounds, down from 200 at age 30).

Improved eyesight. At my last complete eye exam, in March, 2007, my doctor changed my eye-glass prescription to one almost identical to the prescription I had in 1983! He also noted that, for the first time in nearly 30 years I have been going to that clinic, I have no inflammation in my eyes -- at all.

Possible reduction in gum inflammation. A few sections have actually grown back slightly, surprising my dentist. However, I suspect that meticulous dental hygiene was the major cause of improvement in my gums. The elements of my dental hygiene are: careful, gentle, but thorough brushing three times daily (especially at the gum line), careful flossing daily, use of a "side brush" between some teeth, use of a medicated mouthwash several times a week, and quarterly ultrasound cleaning and annual polishing by a hygienist.

Burgess Laughlin
Author of The Power and the Glory: The Key Ideas and Crusading Lives of Eight Debaters of Reason vs. Faith, www.reasonversusmysticism.com/

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Anonymous said...

Fascinating stuff! You may be a philosopher but you are also a scientist as well. Lot of dedicated hard work in these pages. This should prove helpful to many. Thank you.

Geoffrey Levens, L.Ac.